PDI ARM - 500 Series, Coax Only w/Cover Kit, 5/8 Base

17.00 LBS
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Transform the patient room and improve the experience by creating an interactive environment centered around the patient. Select the 500 Series arm for a lean 58” extension that holds a PDi display for the patient to interact with. 500 Series arms are available with Coax and/or Cat6 cables only.

Benefits of PDi Swing Arms include:

Reduced back, neck and eye strain.
This personal bedside arm system allows the patient to easily adjust their viewing experience, away from glare and to where it’s most comfortable in their current position.

A broad range of motion.
With just a light touch, the spring based lift design can easily lift, swing, tilt or rotate or be placed in a compact, retracted position to free up space.

Stability and security.
A securely mounted display deters theft and eliminates the risk of a device being damaged by gravity.

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